Journal Club

In order to enhance the interaction between the Immunology Research Groups of RIA, Bachmann’s group at Oxford University and members of the university clinic of dermatology; journal clubs will be held every two weeks (for more information please download below link). As per the new guidelines of the journal club, three recently published scientific papers should be presented by the chosen person. The papers should mainly focus on the recent advances in immunology and allergy fields covering the person's research interest as well. Additionally, the papers should address the relevance of the selected topics and discuss the strengths and the weakness of the papers.

BIC - the Bern Immunology Club

The Bern Immunology Club is a platform to facilitate and promote basic and clinical research in immunology. Our network provides teaching for students from the under-graduate to the post-graduate level. The members share know-how and resources within this national center of competence.

We organize Meetings on a monthly basis, where renowned speakers from different immunological research areas present their latetest findings. These lectures are open to the public and everybody is welcome to join. Please have a look at the anual program.

RIA Immunology lunch meeting

The RIA Immunology lunch meeting is a weekly lecture organized by Immunology. The presentations are held by research-members and invited guests from different research areas presenting their latest findings. The topics of the lectures are focused on research in basic and applied immunology. The lectures are open to the public and everybody is welcome to join. Concerning the program please have a look at the attached link